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Stop Smoking: Attentiveness lesson1 January 1, 2008

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Fun.
Stop Smoking lesson1Originally uploaded by Le Fil…The Blog

The raccoon says: “stop smoking without preparation is an open door to stress, frustations, psychologic consequences. Do not be ashamed, face the facts and really organize the fight against the drug”.

So funny a raccoon chosen to illustrate some of the stories…

One of the last discussion I had on this topic was with a big raccoon specialist I have been very happy to meet thanks to a video application that starts to grow (world is small we all know that). Take the opportunity to wish him all possible success and happiness in his new home in his new town in his new country in his new life (stop).

Living is San Francisco, slowly but surely a new obsession for me, know too many people going there 😉

Will be glad to see him soon and have from him the Milan AC pair of underpants he promised to give me.  

PS: wanna do some video micro blogging session and start to be famous? Tired from blogging, writing, want to go to the heart of things without telling your life? Put a comment and I’ll get you a invit code 🙂 


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