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Stop smoking: 40 strategies to stop smoking December 31, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Fun.
The Magic PackOriginally uploaded by Le Fil…The Blog

In France, starting tomorrow January 1st 2008, a law has to be applied preventing people to smoke in EVERY PUBLIC places…including restaurant, bars and so on…Admiting to get free from this bad smell in restaurant when you eat for example is easy to say…but stopping smoking is not that easy, to be honest!Nevertheless I stopped on October 10th in 1999, with method and will never start again. Ok, I smoke one cigare sometimes, but in specific context. And no chance I start again to smoke cigarettes.But it’s so clear why you must stop when you have stopped. The problem is that you try to stop to consume a drug…and this is a hard war!I’ve been helped by a book (sorry only in French…).Another solution could be (hope that could be funny) the Magic Box I bought some months ago which is named: “40 Strategies to Stop Smoking”. 40 cards inside with a solution (or a potential one).To drive my audience up here 🙂 , I propose to post one card every day with the following contract : I can forget or I can stop, that’s my blog 🙂 to be then after all cleared from this bad use.You bet? I don’t but let’s try 🙂


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