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Twitter…What are you doing?! December 28, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.

Crazy Twitter

Seems Twitter was in trouble yesterday. This is obvious that this simple web application is growing (like the natural increasing numbers of following and followers for me), and not only because of the visibility given during LeWeb3, maybe their servers crashed!

Twitter became to me like the third web screen…as for many people and for some reasons:

-Keep in touch effect: an interesting network is an active network, Twitter is a perfect solution for that necessity

-What’s new: more and more companies are using Twitter as a PR place, and some online magazines or even French newpapers give some news regularly there

-Voyeurism: we all have a part more or less important inside of us…only liars will not recognize this. This gives a very interesting socialogic and sometimes psychiatric analysis of VIP (Very IT People) with demonstrations of highest knowledge and intelligence, usually practiced in some dark room in private club with some whiskey and good cigars 🙂

-Audience: this is more or less linked to the previous…Twitter becomes a place to attract people on your own blog as you cannot recognize what’s the proposed web site unless you click on it. That’s a growing practice, and your followers are supposed to be your friends…but about the “What are you doing” concept, the contract is to evoluate a little bit! No problem, we do not pay so why not 🙂

-Business: not usual blablas about business model, not the topic (a full post to dicuss this). There are many excited followers to imagine and work on parallel applications to have their time for celebrity, there are so many focus on the moment on Twitter. In some situations the idea can be very interesting and additional like Seesmic (not the same format but same practice) or like something simple but smart developped by a friend of mine.

I obstinately use Twitter to communicate, which is absolutely not to expect from this Wonderfull Web World…but addict I am now, this is a very good example of what web is and provides at the moment.


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