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MyMajorCompany dot com: initiative to follow… December 25, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Music.


Music is a very difficult industry. Everywhere, in the US, in Europe. So in France which is my example right now… 

At first level, artists meet serious difficulties to access to their adequate position in celebrity…and income! Great musicians are forced to accept sometimes unfair contracts just to play in some bars as well as they serve some of their so-called colleagues who have a name…but not real music talent. Sometimes.

Being an artist in music is a hard job. I don’t mean to create music, lyrics and make both nice all together (this is a gift from Mother Nature). I mean having in hands a finished product all musicians dream of: a CD with some tracks on it. Find the right musicians, have the magic happening when they all play together, transmit them your message, record, have the mood you look after, find the studio also, get the producer you need for mixing this all clear. And only a few of have the capacity to play with Pro Tools at home…and it’s not particularly a matter of money!

So now what about distribution…many of talentuous guys will never find the time to get to this kind of matter. MyMajorCompany is maybe a new alternative in this second level of music industry, to help artists in being distributed: make people, I mean you and I become the producer of an artist. You can make decisions with them on how to promote the album. And get 30% of RS of their revenue once it’s made…and sold.

The website is well designed, launched couple of days ago. Today you can see one person who has already given 1K€. Top artists, news, blog…  The MyMajorCompany management team knows the business and they are nice so I wish them good luck!

While browsing I liked Eye Jack Group you can see above. Definitely not the one pushed on the home page, but I am not a significant guy for this French version…surely more the english one to come! 

Many questions like:

-How many people to push the first artist at 70K€, minimum amount requested? When?

– Involvement of so called producers in distribution and marketing?

-To be pragmatic, how the full process works for real? Well join and see…I am registered as ‘producer’, best way to see from the inside. If I find a group to sing with then I will be on both side 🙂

Partnership announced from today:

-Dailymotion that is understandable for the video deal we can see

Spreadshirt which is an on-line  clothing website. Why not…

Noumba is the social network partner, a microblogging platform (web & mobile, mobile!), to chat inside MMC… Partnerships not closed…Raphael 🙂

Scepticism is the most feedback I heard when I talk to few friends of mine involved in music. Time will tell, good luck to Simon and Michael…


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