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Another view on social networking: weneither! November 19, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.

I discovered an interesting web site through a Twitt from a new fellow I’m connected with. weneither’s concept is “Meet people you like through things you don’t”. Simple and clear!weneitherI’m gonna try it…Maybe there, when you send an question to people, maybe you’ll get an answer from someone instead of not having any but in the same time finding from this person on your SuperSuppeperBigFunWazzaWall a stupid video you don’t care about…Social networking is a hard task 🙂 The only problem is how to get in! I am registered, gave basic parameters (age, interested in, what I dislike, uploaded my pic), and nothing happened! Maybe “bullshit” is unauthorized!If you have more chance to enter into it, tell me what I should do!!! Btw, not social networking, it’s dating 🙂 


1. WeNeither - November 20, 2007

Hey! Thanks for joining WeNeither! Or trying to, at least.

We recently gave the site an overhaul and while it sped things up and made some things more secure, a few bugs have popped up and we’re working on getting everything running smoothly.

Please email us at questions@weneither.com with your username and we’ll look into things as soon as we can!

And thanks for spreading the word. The more, the merrier.

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