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2 strange stories about Facebook November 15, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.

For French speaking people, there is an interesting analysis from Fred Cavazza you can read here. To summarize, figures are made to make Facebook buzzed, in terms of real value not siginfictive, also regarding MySpace audience for example. Then more about their platform, advertising model and so on. 

Yesterday I experienced two strange situations with Facebook: 

– I have been contacted by Isabelle de Truchis through FB email system (“Did you enjoy the show?”), but without having any connections to her, except the fact that I was inscribed to SFR last Monday Party (where I was in fact), where Zazie (aka Isabelle) performed live… How this is possible? Did not have the time to answer (and she’s not Radiohead), but made a connection to her… she has accepted. Tonight the profile was not accessible anymore, even still existing, and no more connection. This is a new way to communicate without any permission to people as you use a handkerchief (long time I had not written this word, I’m happy). Bad point. 

– I received an email supposed from Bono (on the subject) on my Gmail account, coming from iLike (application Master Chief?). Ok I love this guy (he sang with my buddy Francis Jocky 🙂 ),  but how is this possible that Hadi Partovi, co-fonder of iLike, who signed the email, surely a smart guy, has the right to use my personal email for addressing me this way? Ok saying “(Forgive me for the mass email — we’ve never done this before. I’ve included my email address below if you want to contact me.)” is not a way to apologize in advance. I do not permit, I want to opt-in! Or maybe there is something I missed, nobody’s perfect.

In terms of privacy respect I would strongly recommend Facebook to take care on some initiatives taken. To me we call this spamming.


1. DMY - November 15, 2007

even paranoïds have real ennemies…….

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