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Thank you PPC… November 7, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in N'importekoi.

iPhone drives you crazy…as for me…like Twitter in fact (don’t follow me right there, you’ll never have any hitech exclusive hot news)!


But Pierre-Philippe aka PPC (no not this ppC) is on my Twitter list and I’m used to look after his ‘twitts’ as he’s smart and well informed 🙂

One of the consequence is the widget you can see on the top right of this modest blog. To give few additional traffic to Wikio, and maybe let you know about the possibility to win one iPhone. Ok, like the SFR guy I saw yesterday offering a N95 to Arthur H (big guy, smart and cool), “it is just an Edge phone and blablabla”. Ok but that’s an Apple product and THIS makes a difference to me…now! More info about where I was yesterday with Arthur, go there…Sorry this blogger is a reference (N°155 Wikio Top Charts)…but only speaks French…too bad!


1. PPC - November 12, 2007

You’re welcome 😉

2. ppC - November 16, 2007

hé hé hé ! merci pour le lien 😉

ppC, bordel de queue ?!?

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