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Phil’s Whereabout: Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin November 2, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web, Wireless.

 Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

Next Wednesday I’ll go hearing some mobile speakers…

Marketing for Mobile 2.0
The new wave of sophisticated, community and/or location aware, mobile services, have the potential to radically alter the mobile marketing landscape: providing more targeted and more relevant mobile marketing, as well as expanding the number and type of advertisers. This panel will discuss the potentials and pitfalls of this new environment for consumers, carriers, agencies and brands.
Speakers – Helen Keegan, Beep Marketing, Simon Davis, CEO, UK, Socialight, Marko Ahtisaari, Blyk, Justin Davies, BuddyPing

Mobile to Web and Back: Designing for People
Demands on the mobile phone to become the omni-potent mobile computer mean that successful design for mobility needs to first and foremost understand people. People are more than numbers. They are mobile beings by nature. When designing for mobility we must immerse ourselves in routine, the movement of crowds and the beauty and simplicity of casual computing. Navigation patterns are changing. Objects are increasingly reactive to context and the new UIs are becoming services in themselves. The web is more sociable ? how can mobility be more sociable? Successful cross-platform design must understand and leverage all of the above. Kwame will talk about new processes that designers need to understand in order to innovate within mobility.
Speaker – Kwame Ferreira, Service Design Lead, Fjord
The Impact of Mobile Web 2.0 on the Telecoms Industry
With the launch of the iPhone, the Telecoms industry enters a new and a disruptive phase – the drivers of which are no longer the traditional players in the industry. This session explores the synergies between the web and the Telecoms industry. It outlines the opportunities and the disruptive influences of the Web on the Telecoms industry. Traditionally the Web and the ethos of the web (open standards, interoperability, etc.) are viewed with suspicion by the telecoms industry. The Telecoms industry in general, does not trust the Web. It is almost as if it chooses to ignore the ‘Web’ in ‘Mobile Web 2.0’.

But the Web forms the bedrock of Tim O’Reilly’s seven principles defining Web 2.0 and it is not possible to ignore the Web any more – especially considering the rapid growth of User generated content. Unless it adapts to the web, the industry risks missing out on the huge opportunities that can be leveraged through the power of Mobile Web 2.0.

This session talks about the Good, the bad and the ugly – in the interplay between the web and Telecoms.
Speakers are Ajit Jaokar, CEO, futuretext and Tony Fish

From a Mobile Telephone to a Computer – a Reality Dysfunction
The mobile phone is becoming more advanced, but should it? This talk is going to take a look at the reality of carrying a personal computer in your pocket. Some of the trends that will be examined:
* Smart vs simple – the buzz of iPhone/N95 vs. huge sales of low end handsets, perhaps it has to with cameras hitting 10MP with flash, auto focus, etc., storage hitting 8GB, GPS, UMTS/GPRS/HSUPA/Wifi and a net result of no battery life
* HMI (human mobile interaction) – as these devices become mobile personal computers the UI is (still) hugely flawed. Sure it can do anything, but only if you have time to click thirteen dialog boxes
* Development Platforms – there is a lot of work going on to provide abstraction layers from the device hardware (DirectX for phones) to allow easier development, at the same time operators are looking to bundle up apps into containers to simplify certification process

Led by Ian Hay and Imran Ali, two well known telephony experts who originally teamed up at Orange.

Wouaou! Thank you Richard!


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