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France, year 2007 September 19, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Friends.

Poll made recently by OpinionWay for Le Figaro and LCI with 973 people consulted online.

The topic: immigration in France, new law instauring DNA test to validate so called “family link/merge” to authorise some foreigners to live in France.

74% of people would agree that new French laws apply quotas for immigration.

60% would aprove quotas based on foreigners profession

49% would aprove quotas based on their nationality

But 74% wish to limit the family merge to people who speak French and 69% to people whose salaries is up to SMIC (legal minimum wage).

Figures…don’t know what to say…think about…

Why not checking this nice advert with Justice giving the mood…


Need some distraction…bad times really…


1. DMY - September 19, 2007

yes, bad times…
this DNA thing really doesn’t make sense as in french law it doesn’t exist for french people. If I discover my son is not really mine, will I stop being his legal father ?
it’s insane.

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