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Rugby Business is business! French story about money and sport… September 12, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Business.

Interesting study case: consider this french fan rugby shirt…72,50€ on official French Rugby Association (catalog 2007/2008)…

Rugby shirt

Now the same on on Bernard Laporte’s web site, the French rugby team coach…130€, but with his own message and signature written on it!

Laporte shirt

…considering that a discount of 20% is applied during the Rugby World Cup…

Of course, this rebate is based on local confidence on french people about their National team (watch out the poll above: on the official FFR website, there are about 500 people  from almost 5.000 thinking that Namibia will win against French team next Sunday)…


…10.000 to be sold…profits will be given to caritative associations…which part of the profit? The extra 72,50€? Including part of cost price to French Rugby association? More details to come after (why not before 🙂 )…

As Bernard Laporte will become member of current President of French Republic when Rugby world Cup will be finished, there are surely interesting lessons to learn from mix of sport, business and popularity!

Can’t wait…


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