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Call for organising a Mobile Web Apps Camp! July 19, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Wireless.

Mobile Web Barcamp

I really appreciate the Barcamp meetings I am attending to in Paris. This made me meet many people and really sollicitated my entrepreneur fiber for a maybe tomorrow full of millions in the pocket thanks to The big idea…

Ok I know it’s too late…but…

While I was checking the Barcamp home website I noticed a Barcamp dedicated to Mobile Web Apps…but I cannot understand Korean so could not say more…except this link to a mobile web 2.0 forum still from South Korea in english…

I am strongly motivated to organise a pure Mobile Web Forum with many applications and demonstrations…I saw many good technologies, smart entrepreneurs…stop bullshit let’s see what’s the future of mobile Internet…not with blabla but with mobile phones and demos mainly…

Ok, ok there are some good events talking about Mobile 2.0 and not necessarily without interest…

Barcamp format is perfect to what I am thinking about…with potentially some ideas here and there…

So who’s up to organise a Mobile Web Apps Camp in Paris?

Could be the opportunity to see again W3C with its MWI for example…

You speak Korean?!


1. DMY - July 19, 2007

don’t speak korean
but surely can help

2. Louis van Proosdij - July 19, 2007

I like this idea Phil. Did you checked with BarCamp France organizers if they have any plan on mobility, or heard about people interested? You already have my support. I follow you on this idea but won’t be able to help on time consuming tasks as my schedule is critical at the moment with my project.

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