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Velib’ hib hib houra! July 17, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in News!.

Yesterday was kick off for the new bike self-service store in Paris down town…
Seems to start well…and a hudge project that has been managed by JC Decaux (sorry Clear Channel…).
[No official website available, neither any commercial link on Google when your search which is not that usual…].

Just few things:

-When you  propose the correct pricing for a new service, then I am convinced that it’s possible to create the use of this service. For that reason I strongly believe in the potential success of this new public service. For the same reason, I don’t believe yet in the achievement of the mobile Internet.

-When you are audacious then you meet success. It’s really rare that politicians are so brave to make decision in adequation with their vision. Bus lanes protections, Paris on the beach, free Wifi spots in some public places, now Velib: Bertrand Delanoe has been elected, now he’s moving forward (there is a good other example with London and Mr Livingston’s initiatives, with Oyster card, remove of Routemaster, London congestion charge)… Even if we get into a more complex society, economy, and so on, there is still a room to take some risks…just to have control on things and evolution. Don’t be always a follower, be a leader. Another metaphor for my beloved telco industry.


1. ooto - July 17, 2007

And not only for the telco industry, but also for individuals.

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