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MPO 50: Mr Pascal Negre you missed the show! July 5, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Music.

Music has some strange story sometimes, and is also definitely a hard business to live…as well for labels than for artists too!

Yesterday was the party of MPO, 50 past years in innovations for music, videogame and so many other business, taking place at “La Coupole” from Printemps building in Paris…6th floor!

MPO 50

They have choosen Francis Jocky to perform live…Francis proposed in “avant-premiere” 3 of his coming album in preparation with Andrew Wyatt for lyrics…

Unfortunately Mr Pascal Negre left the party just a few seconds before the beginningof the show…Francis has not still being signed…even I would not be surprised to hear that a big label in the US would sign him…whatever he’s singing in English, a big part og his song has been created here in France. So Mr Pascal Negre I deeply hope you’ll listen to the album I gave you personaly, the one you have in your jacket inside pocket…Because this artist is dynamite!

I discussed briefly with some people (Mr & Mrs Toledano…) who really seems to appreciate and know about the music…and they were impressed!

Such strange stories in music…Who remember Donnie Hathaway? Without him, Stevie Wonder would have been different…And if Donnie would have became famous, who knows…dead too young to know…

Some famous French artists meet problems…so music have problems…Mr Pascal Negre, shall we try with Francis Jocky to do something?!


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