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Computer history June 20, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in IT.

Philippe Nieuwbourg has organised a very interesting show on the top of La Grande Arche at La Defense in Paris…
Philippe is a top IT specialist, I know him since I work on IT on 1990 (remember Forum EIS at le CNIT…)…
I started to be familiar with data processing as I was preparing since 1981 my Baccalaureat H…IT oriented diploma…one of precursors on that topic 🙂

There are many machines and a full path to follow starting from the first mecanographic machine…with different concept developped (mobile computer…storage…mouse) and some Apple presence of course…until more recent…


I could use so many space on this blog to mention everything I saw there…really interesting…see my photographs on my FlickR…I will return anway, and best thing to do if you’re in Paris is to go to visit!

 Philippe Nieuwbourg

To last until October 2nd 2007. Web site here in French.

The thing I really loved to is the conclusion: “in data processing as very in th elife it’s necessary to remian modest.

Really not the feeling I have when I see things occuring now with Web 2.0, media fascination (some of them but mostly in fact), and serial entrepreneurs…some of them are good and in adequation with this concept…but not all of them! And I strongly believe it”s key, whatever the ego you need to create some business in France for example!!!


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