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Paris Blogue-t-il? See the answer next Tuesday June 26th… June 19, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Blog.

Paris Blogue-t-il?…don’t wait for any wifi connection to see if in fact Paris is blogging (see my last post) and have a blog benchmark…for sure networking!!!

At this time, almost 100 people registered…Specific topic: BlogBang I mentioned in a previous post…really sad to miss it, will be in Cannes at this time…just to see and meet these advertise company web 2.0…

Hope to see some posts and some photographs from friends soon after…Joanna, Leafar, AdrienG,  Rodrigo…full list here


1. Joanna - June 23, 2007

Hey Phil!
I had the feeling we had not seen each other for a long time 😉 ;-).
Yes let’s take some photographs there!

2. Adrien - June 29, 2007

Hey Mate,

I was looking for you… Lola missed you 😀 Unfortunately we had no decent beer to drink. I hope to catch you soon.


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