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New French Group at Linkedin June 11, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in More about me.

Bac HCould have been for once a message in French. Because it’s only concerning people in France (not necessarily French…). But no, I won’t, that’s it!

I have created a Group through Linkedin about people who have obtained Baccalaureat H…and I met some already. This diploma is about IT…in fact the option started somewhere between 1968 until 1993…because it was stopped in 1993 and then replaced.

The members so far: Luc Iriarte, Xavier Schaeffer, Jeremy Ory, Xavier Joffrin and Jean-Francois “Jeff” Gaudinet (I recommend this talentuous guy) who created the logo based on my “vision” 🙂

Wanted as identified: Christian Rajaud, Denis Mante, Irene Corvest

Studying IT technology, programming COBOL, BASIC and some ASM codes, working on a DPS6000 around 1981-83 that was something…we were precursors !

If you are one of us, just click here and I will manage the thing…got some ideas!

If you are concerned or you know somebody concerned, then tell me!


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