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Big Bang Web Event! May 23, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.

Next Web AwardsThe Next Web Conference is to opening next June 1st… Haven’t heard a lot about in the websphere…maybe I missed something…I saw that Leafar from U-[lik] is going but…

Anyway, this is like a very big party, many company to attend…will happen in Amsterdam. On the website, you can vote in some categories like…

Entertainment, Company, Social, Search, DisruptorsWeb Celeb, Beta & Stealth, Populizr

I voted, I like to play. What votes? Who cares…in some category could not anyway as I didn’t know all the companies or projects selected…Go there and test your knlowedge of web actors…and maybe enjoy Amsterdam 🙂 . I won’t.


1. Leafar - May 24, 2007

too many event.. it’s hard to follow.
I discovered it when Jason calacanis said he was going about 3 months ago (he will only do a few events this year). And I would love to meet him. He’s the guy who used to start is podcast by “Are you not entertained”, that’s the name we gave to u-lik.us the blog for u-liker community.

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