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Barcamp Paris 11 @ Yahoo! May 13, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Web.

Barcamp Paris 11 is finished, but we want more!
The news was has been a good one from my point of view…
Unfortunately could not attend to all the sessions, but the ones I attended have been very interesting. I’ll come back later on some topics I’d like to highlight, but right now I’d like to mention the presnetation Rafael tried to make on Virtual identity… Rafael is U-Lik I’ve already talked about. The discussions around this very young but enthusiastic website has been a good example of the brainstorm of the Internet generation.
It’s all clear but in fact so complex, everybody agrees but people don’t have the same ideas…Blablabla!!!


1. Jacques FROISSANT Altaïde - May 13, 2007

BarCamp Parris chez Yahoo

Samedi avait lieu le 11ème BarCamp en France dans les locaux de Yahoo. Super organisation (Yahoo, Silicon Sentier, Ziki, Passage Piéton), du monde (150 personnes), des sujets autour de l’identité numérique, des secrets dévoilés par Charles sur T…

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