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Internet search April 30, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Wireless.

Thanks to a recent press article in Les Echos, I noticed that there were a few Internet search engines I still did not know…
Did you?
The starters…

Copernic Born in Canada (Québec) in 1996.

LookSmart Created in 1995 in Australia.

Baidu Chinese Google, 1999. Now expanding to Japan. Quoted in Beijing.

The new comers:

ryia Based on pic recognition. Service called like.com to find similar objects.

Powerset Silicon Valley new star. Dedicated technology to do sentence search.

hakia “Qdexing” based technology.

freebase As soon as you are invited, you can feed the database yourself…

Multimedia specialists:

picsearch Created in Sweeden in 2000. 1.7 bn potentially reachable.

clipblast Profiling search!

divvio Created by former AT&T  Technology Director.

findsounds Audio content search (1 Mio sounds available).


1. Lionel - May 1, 2007

Oh my gosh! I almost forgot them. I was using Copernic something like ten years ago! I remember the joy of not having to use Yahoo! anymore, and being able to search the web in a much more efficient way than before.

2. DMY - May 1, 2007

I think the Ask campaign is very interesting as the Internet is nowadays dominated by Google.
Where you search is very important because it will give what part of the internet you see.
If you make the same search on Google, Y! & Live Search, & if you take the first 10results, less than 10% are the same !

You can mention http://www.dogpile.com which is a metasearch (search in dozens of search engine, including the big ones) and http://www.exalead.f

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