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Orange meeting April 23, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Wireless.

I had still not seen the new Orange France offices…until this morning.
To be honest, I was impressed…nice building…operationnal and transparent…
The price decrease I was expecting in France (compared to other countries in Europe) has started now: new 3€ subscription price is now on the deck (illimited period but cancellation anytime possible, 1 game per month, rebate of 50% on all other games purvchased).
SFR answered with a 6€ for 2 games…
“Same price like on i-mode”…yes but not with the same business model fortunately…
But if the system works, that’s now 2,5€ gross to be share and to use instead of 4,18€ with some more complex arithmetic for my BP. Will quantity compensate?!


1. DMY - April 23, 2007

This market is definetely very strange
Increasing quality of the products
Lower & lower prices
More potential customers
Huge consolidation
….still almost niche market

But I agree, Orange have very nice offices (in a loosy area….)

2. Gonzague Dambricourt - April 23, 2007

looks like le Village Orange 🙂

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