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Test your wap site! March 31, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Wireless.

W3C - Mobile Web InitiativeLaunching a wap sited is something no so easy to realize, and the low interest (for the moment) of brands into the mobile industry can be easy to understand. The aggregators are not the same than in Web industry, and the pricing for creating and managing a wap site (yes I mean for Midp) as off-portal or maybe in Gallery (the french wap controlled universe) could be difficult to evaluate (ROI on a website is still very discussed now by marketing specialists so on mobile)…

Dot mobi Internet made MobileBut once it’s made, except the look and feel and statistics you get from a reporting tool, what’s the real technical quality of the wap site?

Dot mobi and W3C through MWI are proposing both a very interesting tool for that. I mentionned W3C (and its Mobile Web Initiative) some posts ago. Dot mobi is proposing to register specific domain name (.mobi) adapted for mobile phones http://pc.mtld.mobi/.

So if you own a wap site, you know the url, just copy the link and enter it into those to reporting tools:

W3C http://validator.w3.org/mobile/

Dot mobi http://ready.mobi/index.html

I will come back later on with a study case…


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