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Journée des Annonceurs EBG March 28, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in News!.

Journée des Annonceurs EBG

Very interesting conference organised by EBG on March 27th in Paris, Salons Hoche.

Attendees: Top 100 companies investing in online marketing and Top 100 companies investing offline. Benchmarking is key!

The program:

1. Internet: what for? There are still comanies not yet considering Internet as a marketing tool…

2. Webanalytics – Audience measure, perfomance measure

3. How do multi-products companies manage their Internet policy – Mainly central structure, and dedicated in branch/country/per product line…but light staff!

4. Choice and management of web agencies – sorry could not attend

It’s really interesting to hear that for many companies Internet is just at its first stage of implementation, spending only 3% like Nestlé of its total cross marketing budget (Coca Cola France mentionned 20%)… Many experts mentionned they were fully convinced of the success of Internet investment, which is a little bit out of the feeling we have from what we can hear on media. Touchpoint has been mentionned severall times, gonna watch this out later http://www.tpmetrics.com/default.asp

And mobile marketing, with it’s brand new possibilities, ad-servers? “That’s blablabla”, not really a next project from main brands I asked around me. Don’t worry be happy, time will come!

More informations in French here http://www.ebg.net/annonceur.php

Btw SFR announced a Triple Play offer for April 25th (yes including mobile and ADSL)!


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