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Musicovery dot com March 25, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Music, Wireless.

Musicovery.comI have discovered a french cousin of Pandora http://www.pandora.com/ during the last OpenCaffe in Paris (March 22nd)!

On this left, the command you have to use. You just have to make a choice in two diffent axes: from “Energetic” to “Calm”, and from “Dark” to “Positive”.

Just choose some options like “Hit” or “non hit”, why not “Discovery”.

Finally, you can be more explicit with the year tab, and select/deselect the genres ( rap, electro, and so on).

The system is opning a beautiful arborescence, with a “flower” for each title, coloured by genre. You can pass title as you can see all the “tree” of music proposed. And then go to the iTunes store or the amazon one…

The UK version has not the same result of query than the french one…cultural issue I assume!

To be clear: the portfolio of titles may not be as numerous than Pandora, surely will come! 

To listen in CD quality, a subscription is mandatory: from 2€ per month, 3,99€ for 3 months or 9,99 for a whole year!

This system works on mobile phone, where only the central target is shown for selecting the area of music you wanna hear.

I am keen on this kind of techno, smart and pretty. Profiling is key!

Go and see there http://www.musicovery.com


1. ooto - March 26, 2007

Very interesting and user-friendly. Need to have a look at it too!

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