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MoMo in Barcelona March 22, 2007

Posted by Phil Jeudy in Wireless.

Since I registered to the MoMo Peer Awards at 3GSM, I am glad to receive the newsletter from this other dynamic Mobile Monday in Europe (more to come later from other places…). The next event in April 2nd will be dedicated to mobile gaming: discuss the current state of the mobile gaming industry and present the new opportunties and challenges that lay ahead!

Speakers will be:

Nicolas Nova (Switzerland) – researcher at EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne)

Maarten Noyons (France) – Managing Director, International Mobile Gaming Awards

 Ignacio Cavero (Spain) – President and CEO, LemonQuest

Marta Vieira (Portugal) – Head of Entertaiment Division, YDreams

The official website of MoMo Barcelona: http://www.mobilemondaybarcelona.com/

Opportunities and challenges: whatever the country to consider, the mobile gaming industry is chasing any new growing path.  Channel of distribution (OTA or what), gameplay (casual or not), OS (impact of smartphones), player (after J2ME, Flash?…), new game experience. The current console videogame competition (new next gen machines arriving…Wii, PS3) is not the only reference…

MoMo in Paris already presented mobile gaming last September 2006: http://www.mobilemondayfrance.org/?p=74

I will not attend in Barcelona, so any feedback would be appreciated!!! Muchas gracias…


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